Celebrating the two dads in my life

June 14, 2014

Celebrating the two dads in my life

I just wanted to wish all of the amazing dads out there a Happy Father's Day! Today I am celebrating the two amazing dads in my life.

First up is my husband. We are coming up on our 10 year wedding anniversary this year, we have been together for 15 and have two adorable boys together. He works really hard for our family, he is an amazing father to our boys and he loves to take my older son camping! I have heard that you are likely to marry a guy like your dad. I never realized it when we got married but I have noticed more and more over the years that they are a lot alike! My husband is also an artist, a visual effects artist. He works on movies, how fun! The one he just spent the past two years working on is coming out in September, it's called The Boxtrolls. It looks like such a great movie, here is the trailer.

Next up is my dad. My dad is one of the reasons I have a jewelry business. When I went to college I had no idea what I wanted to do so I decided to go to school for business and follow in my dads footstep. I figured I would like working in an office.  After having to take classes like economics I thought I was in the wrong place, I wasn't happy. I had gone to a VERY liberal private high school so this was a huge change for me. I talked to my dad at the end of my first year and decided I wanted to do something more artistic. During my last year of high school I had taken about 6 different art classes but never felt I actually had any talent. I just knew I enjoyed it. I thought I wanted to try out graphic design, not realizing what that really meant. My dad being the very supportive dad that he is let me go to art school. He had done a lot of painting when he was younger and was the first person to teach me to paint. I will never forget the first painting he helped me do, it was wild! After my first semester at art school I realized I didn't love working on computers either but I loved working with my hands. I discovered I could draw, paint, sculpt, etc. No matter what your focus was you had to take the core fine art classes as well. It was here that I had the proper training and found out I wasn't as bad as I had thought! 

I actually met my husband the second semester there. We had two classes together, figure modeling and a computer graphics class. He helped me with the computer class and I helped him with the figure modeling. The following year I took my first jewelry class. I didn't love it at first. They start you off working in copper since it's much less expensive than silver. Once I got the hang of using a jeweler's saw and soldering and started using silver and setting stones, I was hooked! I ended up repeating a couple of classes over and over and ended up graduating with a degree in Fine Art with an emphasis on jewelry design. If it wasn't for my dad allowing me to find my true calling I never would be where I am today.  I also never thought that I would have my own business after deciding I didn't like business school. But being the CEO of my own company is amazing! I am not your typical artist that just loves creating. I LOVE the business side, looking at the numbers, entering data, etc.  

I wouldn't be doing what I love today and I never would have met my husband or have my two amazing boys if it wasn't for my dad believing in me. So today I thank you dad! My dad has been a great business man and now he is doing something else he loves. He just wrote and published his first book! He is loving writing and is working on book two and three right now with many more planned down the road. What had started as more of a book about the tech industry has completely transformed into a crime suspense thriller with interesting characters and lots of twists and turns. This first book has gotten lots of great reviews and people are dying to find out what happens next. If you want to check it out it's called The Start Up and is available on Amazon. Here is a link to his website also www.frederickwysocki.com

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